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iams ad

Client: Iams Pet Food International, Geneva, Switzerland

Agency: Doner International, London, UK

Comments: Photography from one of several brochures and magazine ads produced as part of Iams' various pan-European advertising campaigns.

olivetti ad

Client: Olivetti, Ivrea, Italy

Agency: PubliEffe, Ivrea, Italy

Comments: Photography for editorial and advert-editorial use for product launch.

scantamburlo ad

Client: Scantamburlo Argenti, Ivrea, Italy

Agency: Direct commission

Comments: Photography for newspaper, poster, and billboard advertising campaign.

fontina ad

Client: Y-dea S.A.s., France

Agency: Jeco Design, La Salle, Italy

Comments: Photography for editorial use for multi-national event promotion

barrons ad

Client: Barrons, USA

Agency: Direct commission

Comments: Cover and all interior photography from stock.